1st time guest? Here is how it works...

Quality Seafood keeps it casual. If you are a first time guest, you may be wondering, what happens when I walk in the door, where do I go? Do you take reservations?  


If you are looking to take home some fresh seafood from our Market, you will notice our Market is to the left when you walk in.  One of our friendly fishmongers will assist you with all of your seafood needs, questions, etc.  We have many fresh selections from Atlantic Salmon, Chilean Seabass, and Farm Raised USA Catfish to Littleneck Clams, Mussels, and of course our Wild Caught Texas Brown Shrimp in various sizes.   We rotate our selections based on availability and season, so a complete list would not be possible, but if you are looking for something special and don't see it, our fishmongers will be happy to suggest a similar alternative, for example if you are looking for Red Snapper we may suggest Black Drum. It is similar is flavor, and texture.    Against the far wall we have some frozen prepared entrees like a seafood lasagna that will knock your socks off, soup bases (Creole, Gumbo, and Ettouffee), stuffed clams and crabs, etc.  We also have near the registers, in house made cocktail and tartar sauce,  herbed butters (New orleans BBQ, Lemon Dill, Lime Cilantro etc.).  There are also a ton of seasoning selections from Louisiana Brand,  Zatarans, Slap Ya Mama, and many more, so stop by our seafood market.  We also have beer, wine and a small selection of produce for your one stop shop.


Now if you are looking to come have lunch or dinner with us, head to the right when you walk in.  Now two options.  In front of the bar you will notice 6 tall tables with stools. They have signs that say RESERVED... BUT they are not really.  We don't take reservations, unless it is a party of 12 or more, and that is typically for our party room.   If you would like full service from one of our fabulous bartenders, take a seat and they will bring menus over and it works just like a sit down restaurant.    If you prefer counter service, head to the back of the restaurant.  You will notice Order Here on the wall.  Sometimes there is a line, but not to worry, we get you through the line pretty quickly.  We have our menu board on the wall behind the soda station, and you will see our specials chalkboard by the registers.  We also display one of our awesome blackboard specials in the refrigerated case by the hallway to the restrooms.  This will all make sense when you get there.   Once you decide on your meal, place your order with one of our cashiers.  Don't hesitate to ask questions.  Our team is very knowledgeable and helpful.  Once you have ordered, the cashier will give you a number to place in the card holder on the table.  Help yourself to our drink station, and you will find our condiments on the far wall next to our oyster bar.  We have Cocktail Sauce, Tartar Sauce, Ketchup, Lemons,  and crackers. Now you will also need to grab silverware and napkins.   If you are looking for anything else, don't hesitate to ask.  We will happily get you anything you need.  PLEASE ENJOY!


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