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Selling our Sole Six Days a Week

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HERE WE GO!  We are bringing in our first batch THIS WEEKEND! 02*25*2017


CALL TO ORDER: 512-452-3820


All pre-orders must be picked up by Saturday and we strongly encourage you to plan your boils for Saturday as well! .

How does this product come?
Pre-orders this year will be done only by the sack. Each sack will average about 30-35 pounds.

What is the price?
Price will change week by week.   Our Facebook Page, Website, and Newsletters  

How much should I get?
Plan on ordering at least 2 to 3 pounds of crawfish per adult at your boil.  Bigger eaters like myself, may need 4 to 5 pounds.  

Our crawfish comes purged.

How to Pre-Order:
Pre-orders must be done either on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. We do not order extra sacks, so you must reserve your sack/s.

Take care of your MUDBUGS!:
Keep in mind that this is a live product, and if these little creatures are not taken care of it is very easy to lose them. Quality Seafood is not responsible for any loss of product once it leaves our doors, so be sure to inspect your bags. We will pack your crawfish with ice for travel in either a cooler you provide.  Should you choose to store your mudbugs, keep them in a cool, moist environment. The best place is in a cooler with ice on the bottom, newspaper/paper towels to separate and damp newspaper or paper towels on top.  Make sure the crawfish do not get submerged in the melted ice water, so a spigot should be opened on your cooler, they can drown!  Be sure to keep the lid cracked so they can breathe!  

 So, when is Crawfish Season exactly?

That's not the easiest answer.  Many Louisianans DO start to see Crawfish sometimes in December and January.  They are just starting to come out, and they are very small, their shells are soft, and they are delicate at this point.  Plus there is just not very many of them, and they tend to get taken by the native Louisianans (remember, it's their home state, and they've been waiting a long time to get their hands on the mudbugs).  But technically you can see Crawfish as early as January and as late as June, but not as likely in Texas. Now Crawfish DO grow other places, there is a West Coast Crawfish, a Spanish Crawfish, an Asian Crawfish, but we only bring in the Louisiana!


When will Quality Seafood get Crawfish? 

We're a little finicky over here at Quality, and our name says it all...  We want the best Quality Crawfish for our customers.  Our customers know they can trust that they are getting the very best when they wait to buy from us, but I digress.  Quality Seafood will typically wait to bring in Crawfish until late February, early March.  We wait until the crawfish are large enough and strong enough to go through the purging and cleaning process.   

What does that mean, and why is Purging important?

Purging is important because it cleans the crawfish, and makes their lifespan longer.  Purging is a process where they force water through the shells of the crawfish after harvesting them. They are cleaner, and they live longer.  Early field runs can result in sometimes a 50% loss, (that means they died before you could boil them) and you paid a lot of money for these guys. Then you and your guests don't have enough crawfish to eat.  Someone is going to miss out.  THEN... you have to explain to them where you got them, yada yada yada.  You don't want to boil a dead crawfish... Trust me.


We want your boil to be a success, and we want your friends and family to ask, WOW these are the best crawfish we have ever had!  

Side note, and this has happened in the early days...  We brought in Crawfish early in the season.  Several customers bought their bags on Saturday, so excited, they had invited all of their friends and family over.....   Ugh oh... it was too early DEAD CRAWFISH.  Monday morning the owner was getting phone calls from angry customers who claim we had RUINED their weekend/party/family gathering... "We want our money back!!!"  


So.... to make this very long story short.  We bring in cleaned and purged crawfish typically by the end of February sometimes mid March.  They come in 30# sacks, and the price ranges based on the season.  They are by RESERVATION only, so have your order in by Wednesdays at noon. 512-452-3820