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Open Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., our retail market features a wide selection of the freshest seafood, driven up from the Texas coast or flown in daily from waters around the world.  We fillet most of our fish on site, allowing us to better control the quality of the product that we sell to you.

In addition to our fresh seafood, we also offer a number of fresh and frozen specialty items, homemade seafood salads, fresh prepared foods, signature sauces, rubs, and more.  Our friendly fishmongers are happy to help you find a specific item or place a special order for you.  Many of our mongers are also professional chefs and highly qualified to suggest cooking methods and presentation techniques for your next seafood purchase.  We also carry an assortment of local and imported beer and wine that make the perfect complement to our fresh seafood.

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for two, a neighborhood crawfish boil, or a classy party, the quality of our product will surpass your expectations.  Please don’t settle for supermarket fish.  Come on in and taste the freshness for yourself!



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What to look for when buying fresh fish and seafood

John Martinez is a Quality Seafood fishmonger who prides himself on only selling the best quality fish.

He’s been a full-time fishmonger for twenty-eight years, having been with the company for 32 years.


So John, knows a thing or two about seafood and how to find the freshest product.

In the trade, many fishmongers work to the Torry Scale. This is how they judge what is fresh and what isn’t. It’s all based on smell, touch, feel, and how the fish looks.

Here’s what he looks for when he’s buying fish and putting it out to his customers.

It’s in their eyes

The eyes shouldn’t be cloudy or sunken. They should be fresh and clear – a bit like a marble. The eyes are a good indicator of how fresh the fish is. It doesn’t always mean that the fish isn’t fresh, but it can be one tell-tale sign. Hake is the exception though as they are often held or hung by their eyes to avoid their sharp teeth.

Firm to the touch

Fish should feel firm and strong when you touch them. A fish is a muscular animal and it should feel like that when you touch it. It shouldn’t be squidgy or too soft.


Fish should smell of the sea. It should be a fresh and light smell. If the smell is unpleasant then it could be a sign that the fish isn’t at its best. There shouldn’t be a strong or potent smell.

The skin

Fish has a slime coat that protects it from the sea water and keeps it safe from infection and disease. The skin shouldn’t be tacky or custardy.

The gills

The colour of the gills can be a good way of checking for freshness. They have blood in them and should be red or pink. They shouldn’t be brown or grey. If they’re brown, it could be a sign that the fish has been there for a while.

** In a continued effort to ensure our guests and employees feel comfortable and safe, Quality Seafood Market prohibits any persons to enter the restaurant with an openly carried handgun, unless they are uniformed or identified law enforcement officers.  As a family friendly environment, we believe this policy is in the best interest of our patrons.  Thank you for your cooperation.